Duke’s Flower is on Fire

Duke’s CBD Flower is now available in Pre-Rolls, 3.5 gram and 7 gram jars. 

Strains:  Special Sauce, RNA, Franklin, Charlotte’s Web, Chardonnay, and Lifter. 

**Strain availability will vary.

1gram Pre-Rolls / $8 wholesale, $15 MSRP (60% Margin)

3.5gram Jars / $10 wholesale, $25 MSRP (60% Margin)

7gram Jars / $18 wholesale, $45 MSRP (60% Margin)

The Duke Difference

Our CBD Flower is lab tested by the farms and again by Duke to ensure quality and that each crop tests less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. 

The Duke Pre-Rolls are infused with terpenes to enhance flavor and the overall smoking experience.

Handled with Care

Duke Distro works with a variety of top farms and hand selects quality crops from Colorado and Oregon. New East Coast strains coming soon too!

All flower sourced from Duke is slow hang dried and cured, not machine fast-dried to keep the terpene profiles.

No auto-flowers, no biomass. 

Lab Test Results

Smokeable CBD You’ll Love

The reviews are in and people love the Duke CBD flower. Customers keep coming back for more. 



At this time we cannot guarantee all specific strains are always in stock. Contact Duke and let us know how many units of Pre-Rolls, 3.5gram or 7gram jars you would like to order and we will supply you with a variety based on availability. 

Shipping & Delivery fees are NOT included in
our base pricing.